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Tennis Lessons in Pasadena, LA, Arcadia, Glendale, Burbank, and San Gabriel in California.

About Me

Tennis Instruction & Pro Coaching in Glendale, Burbank and Alhambra : Tennis Lessons LA.comMy name is Dr. Abs Singh. I love Tennis, & everything associated with the game, I'm deeply passionate about it. What first attracted me to tennis as a kid was, it seemed like a very refined & graceful sport, people playing it as its meant to be played, looked nothing short of artists to me. I took it up with my parents backing, underwent intense coaching, played circuits as a kid,was eager to go far in it, but my love of academics took over & I decided to become a doctor. I love my career & right now, I'm prepping for boards to enter into Residency, I happened to have a little disposable time on my hands & thought of picking up coaching again as a way of spreading my passion for the game. I've had the good fortune by now of having had a regular stream of students of all ages to pass on my love for the game, having coached for about 2 years now, including more than a year here in LA.

Why Abs ?

I,being younger than your typical tennis instructor,can play hard with you while coaching you, instead of just shouting suggestions from the sidelines or feeding you balls like a human ball machine.Of course,being more educated than him again,my lessons will be bang on the money in terms of correct technique,because I'm an avid student of the game of tennis besides the field of medicine.I bring the same thoroughness of

attention to detail

as I do while studying a med text , to tennis stroke analysis .. Pro Tennis Instruction to improve the fundamentals of your game.