Beginners Tennis Lessons focus on your inherent strengths.


Tennis Lessons in Pasadena, LA, Arcadia, Glendale, Burbank, and San Gabriel in California.

Content of Typical Lesson

Tennis for Beginners in Los Angeles : Tennis Lessons LA.comI follow a holistic system of tennis teaching encompassing a few facets of the mind, body & spirit. A typical on-court lesson with me will start off with about 2-3 minutes of yoga'esque stretching to enhance flexibility on-court & also reduce chances of post lesson muscular soreness.We will then continue with approx. 5 mins of on-court jogging, directional side stepping & back-stepping to aerobically warm up the body & gear up for the upcoming court play.It will be followed by a core program of intense & systematic tennis tutoring. Beginners can expect to kick off with the correct tennis grips & the precise swing technique. For them , we will start out with the learning process by having the student hit balls keeping the correct technique in mind .

Initially,balls might be hand-fed by me from the same side of the court as he/she is standing to focus on the correct racquet technique including swing , hand-eye coordination, footwork etc & make sure the student is completely on track, & then racquet-fed from the opposite side of the court acoss the net..

Intermediates to start off with, can initially expect a small on-court ball rally with me for me to diagnose any small faults in the areas of their grip, swing technique, hand-eye coordination or footwork which're keeping them from playing consistent & effective tennis. I will then suggest appropriate fixes for those & we will try them out on the tennis court . If & assuming they work, we will proceed to 'ingrain' them into the student's technique. This will be done by focussed repetition of the correct technique in question , to try to build 'muscle memory' for the suggested fix & root out the incorrect one.

Advanceds can expect, besides all of this ,a small initial insight into on-court strategy & competitive match play scenarios...

For them, we will focus on a Open Stance Technique, analysing the quality & depth of groundstrokes, improving hand - eye coordination further , using approach shots effectively , maximising net play to 'kill off' points, introducing variations in serve including slicer,kick,powermax & mucch much more.

A gradual 5 min 'cool down' to return to the physical base state, will culminate our tennis session, where I'll also welcome thoughts about the lesson & answer questions & entertain future scheduling info.

Besides all of the above, for regular students, i will gradually introduce 'medicine ball' drilling & on-court cone marker placements for 'directional drilling'. In brief, these will be geared to gradually but systematically raise the level of your play... Wouldn't you like to have your friends start groaning at your untouchable shots whizzing past their ears in your play sessions with them ! ;-) The regular lessons will achieve that & much much more ! A systematic approach to Tennis for Beginners.