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Tennis as a Cardio Workout

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis .. ?

Basically & very simply put, Cardio Tennis involves tennis training drills which forces the student to WORK OUT on the tennis court till he/she reaches the desired heart rate for his/her age ...

Cardio tennis works for people who like to burn that fat while playing a fun sport or also for people who want to take a small break from gyms & do something different before they rejoin

Achieve your aerobic heart rate range and maintain it !

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How do you achieve it ?

There are a range of motions to do that , namely forward stepping , back stepping, side stepping, baseline run, run-to-net, oblique or diagonal run, all of these pertaining to hitting groundstrokes ( forehand & backhand ).

Then there are serve drills, volley drills, over head drills, all designed to get the heart pumping to desired heart rate / min for that age... After my cardio-tennis regimen, you'll be in the best shape you have ever been in your life !

Will I die of exhaustion ?


I'm a med doc preppin to enter

residency, so you need not worry,

I've got a good handle from the

medical point of view of what a

student will or will not be able to

handle out there on the tennis

court .. Don't sweat it, You're in

safe hands. :-) : Our Cardio Tennis Training will help you achieve your aerobic heart rate range.