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Boutique Private Tennis Lessons in LA by an MD in & around Pasadena.

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LA's Top Tennis Coach for Exclusive Private Tennis Lessons

I am a Seasoned Tennis Coach that provides boutique tennis lessons in the beautiful cities of Pasadena and Arcadia predominantly since 15 years. I'm also not averse to driving upto you in LA if you have a court available at your actual residence (Surcharge applies)

Private tennis lessons are a great way to learn a new life-skill, get FIT while having fun in the sun!

You can expect to learn authentic tennis form with tips and tricks in your tennis class with Sunny, which will help you play sooner rather than later with your close tennis friends, who might've taken tennis lessons for years or been playing at local tennis courts for all their lives.

Psychology of Tennis

Psychology of Tennis

Tennis Racquet Selection

Tennis Racket Selection

Tennis Apparel Selection

Tennis Apparel Selection

Rates, Location & Schedule

Lessons are exclusively tailored to your personal learning and playing style following a 'white-glove' teaching paradigm, and your no-strings-attached customized introductory lesson is priced at $ 140 only for an hour's PRIVATE session. I never do Group Lessons. Sessions are exclusively 1-on-1. (The only caveat is I do family/close friend lessons with upto 3 more people, tops, no more, the rationale is to make sure you don't get lost in a crowd so as to ensure personalized training for you. I unfortunately can't provide other folks for sessions, these will be your contacts--Please feel free to call me for customized pricing regarding those).

With a private lesson with me, you'll typically learn faster than most other coaches since I'll incorporate fun games and drills, and play hard with you post-theory, unlike other pros who can unfortunately end up becoming human 'ball-machines', also since they're older/not current tournament players.

Location: Courts are in East Pasadena close to Caltech. Exact location will be texted to you upon confirmation of booking. Schedule: I teach Monday--Friday: 5 pm-10 pm and Saturday: 8 am-10 pm on an appointment basis exclusively. My spots go fast--so please try to provide me at least a 72 hours heads-up to book your desired spot...
Lesson Prep: Lessons will have all the tennis training equipment you will need, including loaner rackets for the first couple of sessions, and can incorporate workout music (at your request). However, proper tennis shoes are highly recommended for the sessions. You can find a link on it here:. Running shoes are NOT recommended at all since they run the risk of ankle sprains during lateral runs during court drills. If you've already successfully booked a lesson with me, you just need water/electrolyte water, cap/sunscreen/shades for warm days, a light meal/energy bars prior, tennis apparel. Please feel free to advise me of mobility issues, if any, pre-lesson -- and also if there're any specific goals you have in mind ( skillset, cardio, pound-burner, tournament play etc).

Please be counseled full meals pre-lesson can diminish your lesson performance- and runs the risk of retching. Reschedule/Cancel: I have a standard 48 hour cancel policy, else lessons are billed for, and this is typical protocol amongst most top LA tennis pros, but I'm sure you're stoked already, and will be there on court even before me for your appointment. That's it! Please message me if you have any follow-up questions, else I hope you're excited to kick-off.. :)

What sets Sunny apart?

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Reasons to Enroll in One of Our Programs


Tailored Instruction

Enjoy a personalized learning process and accelerate your skillset development.


Flexible Scheduling

Pick the most comfortable time for you or your family's training.


Structured Programs

Our programs are artfully developed for beginners and experienced players.


Cardio Regimens

Get Cardio conditioning and mitigate risk of Heart Attacks.


Pound - Burner Paradigms

Burn upto 800 calories in a single tennis lesson - and drop pounds in as soon as a few weeks!

Sunny the Coach

A Few of my Achievements

I've been an LA Men's Open Singles Tournament Player for a bunch of years - and still compete at the highest levels across the city.

Tennis Achievements
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