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Simplifying Tennis Lessons!

Tennis may seem a bit over whelming at first, but when it comes down to it, it is a rather easy game to learn within your tennis lesson format with Tennis Lessons LA , if you keep in mind that your key focus is have fun and be loose while hitting the ball over the net starting out. It might sound too simplistic, but having fun will ensure you're relaxed and stroke the ball better during your tennis instruction..Now there are key elements you have to learn in order to do those things , but basically that's tennis in a nutshell.

As a beginner tennis player you will have to learn the basics first with your tennis coach. However you do want to start out by learning the right way in your tennis lesson. You don't want to over think the game and become stilted in how you play. Concentrating on hitting the ball over the net is a good start. You don't have to concentrate too much on where the ball goes, just getting the ball over the net can prove to be very hard for some people so start there. Learning how to place the ball and score points will come later. Your tennis instructor typically has 'your back' there.

Tennis is a game that really has no restrictions on who can play. It doesn't matter what your age, size or gender, if you have the desire you can play. You can be an advanced player, intermediate or just starting out having never held a racket in your life coming into tennis coaching. Even children can learn to play this game. Putting kids in tennis lessons is a great way to give them a healthy break from school work. Although it's a great way to get some exercise as an adult, you should be in a little bit of a decent shape starting out because of a little bit of running it will require you to do for example in cardio tennis lesson drills..

However, tennis is not just a physical game, it is also a mental game and it's something the tennis beginner will have to learn to balance. Over thinking your game can have an adverse affect on your physical game and could be the difference between winning and losing. This tennis article will explore some of the techniques and strategies to help you as a beginner get started during your tennis instruction on playing this well loved game.

Keys To Tennis!

What Tennis Beginners Should Know

I think the main key to learning tennis for beginners within initial tennis lessons is to learn tennis techniques correctly and develop good habits during your tennis instruction. Fun metaphors for grips and swings and stances and strokes help to ingrain those into your brain starting out. Later it just becomes second nature. There is an overabundance of unnecessary technical information out there by some tennis instructors that can confuse beginners. There are tennis techniques and drills tennis beginners should learn and again you don't want to start learning these the wrong way. Once your muscles learn movements the wrong way it will be a frustrating process to unlearn them and learn the correct movements.

Another key for tennis beginners to know is control. Your tennis instructor will emphasize that if he's professional. For instance, you've seen tennis players hit the ball where it seems like they are using a lot of force. Well, if you have a good swing and form it really doesn't take as much power as you think. Doing certain drills will also most surely make you a better tennis player.

The last key thing I want to mention is the mental game, the game within the game. This is something that will be of great importance as you learn the game of tennis with your tennis instructor. If you learn to play smarter as a beginner you won't have to be stronger or hit harder then your opponents in order to beat them. Playing smarter can even give you an advantage over players who have been playing longer than you have. It is the great equalizer. If your opponent is at the same skill level as you are the determining factor of who will win or lose will come down to the mental game.

Things Tennis Beginners Should Focus On..!

Your swing is an important part of your tennis game, but just as important is your footwork. You must be able to move all over your side of the tennis court at a moments notice and to do that your footwork must be in order. You don't want to end up stumbling at a crucial moment that could cause you the game. Did you know that you have about 1.5 seconds to get into position to return a hit once you hit the ball to your opponent and they return it? In order to do that your footwork must be just right.

Some other important things to remember to focus on when learning tennis for beginners are the eye level, body position and head position. You don't want to bob or tilt your head too much and always keep your eye level straight. Be sure to maintain a good body posture during your tennis instruction session !

Along with your skills, your hustle, energy level and desire are very important factors in the game of tennis and should be taken into consideration. There is a lot more you should learn as a beginner tennis player, but these tips should give you something to think about and get started on so you come to your private tennis lessons hitting the ground running with Tennis Lessons LA !

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